About Us

About Us page of Desee HipHop

What is Desee HipHop?

Desee HipHop is an futuristic niche which is made for Desee HipHop artists as well as audiences.

As we see Desee hipHop industry is growing day by day so it is the platform which can also help to boost the Desee HipHop to the next level in coming future.

We deseehiphop.com serves as an database for Desee HipHop artits, their songs.

What you will see in Desee HipHop website?

In this website you will see the lyrics of the Desee HipHop songs, video statuses, ringtones of HipHop songs. Also, one can explore Desee HipHop artists.

Recent songs section provies the recent song with lyrics, video status and ringtone of that song including some other songs of the artist.

Video statuses are made available to download. So one can put the status on their resepective social media apps. This will promote the resepective artist’s songs.

Ringtones are also made available to download. So people can put their ringtones as Desee HipHop songs. This will promote the song and helps to reach the artist’s song in wider range of audiences.

One can see the lyrics and watch the songs and also one can stream the song on audio as well as video streaming platforms. This will gradually increase the reach of the artist. Thus, increasing the Desee HipHop audience base and help in the rise of new upcoming as well as undetground artists.